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題名:Modeling the Effects of Satiation on the Feeding Rate of a Colonial Suspension Feeder, Acanthogorgia vegae, in a Circulating System under Lab Conditions    
模擬飽食效應對群體型懸浮物攝食生物於實驗室循環水系統環境下攝食效率的影響-以星棘柳珊瑚(Acanthogorgia vegae)為例
著者:Ming-Chao Lin(林明炤) ;Chung-Min Liao(廖中明) ;Chang-Feng Dai(戴昌鳳)
學科:生命科學 ; 醫學綜合
關鍵字:群體型懸浮物攝食生物 ; 攝食 ; 柳珊瑚 ; 數學模擬 ; 飽食 ; Colonial suspension feeder ; Feeding ; Gorgonian ; Mathematical modeling ; Satiation
刊名:Zoological Studies 
摘要: 中文摘要PDF ; 英文摘要PDF

本研究根據星棘柳珊瑚(Acanthogorgia vegae)的攝食行為發展出一套數學模式,用來模擬群體型懸浮物攝食生物於實驗室循環水系統中的攝食效率。研究中發現,星棘柳珊瑚在持續餵食豐年蝦幼生的情況下,一旦珊瑚群體捕獲某特定數量豐年蝦後,群體上的所有珊瑚蟲都會停止攝食。根據此一觀察結果,我們發展出了考慮飽食因子的數學模式,用來推算懸浮物攝食生物的攝食效率。根據不同流速下的測試,發現實驗所得的數據和模式推估結果相近,顯示飽食是影響攝食效率的重要因子,尤其在食物供給充分的閉鎖式循環系統內,其影響更是顯著。另外,本研究也發現,即使在攝食生物和獵物初始數量未知的情形下,只要根據獵物殘存量和攝食時間,便能簡易地計算出生物的攝食效率。因此,本研究發展出的模式可用來推算群體型懸浮物攝食生物的攝食效率,尤其在實驗室和養殖環境下更是適用。
We developed a mathematical model, based on observations relating to feeding behavior of the gorgonian Acanthogorgia vegae, to characterize the feeding rates of colonial suspension feeders in a circulating system. We found that simultaneously none of all the polyps belonging to the same colony of A. vegae showed a feeding response after capturing a certain amount of Artemia nauplii. Equations in terms of the satiation factor were derived to predict feeding rates of colonial suspension feeders. Flume experiments were conducted under different ambient flow regimes to test the application of the equations. Good agreement between the results of the experiments and the predictions was evident. The results of this study show that satiation is an important factor influencing the feeding rate of colonial suspension feeders with an abundant food supply and a closed system of water. Furthermore, our study shows that the feeding rate of colonial suspension feeders in a circulating system can easily be calculated from the residual number of prey items at various times, even when the initial numbers of prey items and feeding animals are unknown. Our model is useful as a good methodological tool to estimate the feeding rate of colonial suspension feeders in the laboratory or aquacultural environments.


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