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題名:Tree Diversity and Structure of Andaman Giant Evergreen Forests, India    
著者:M. RajkumarN. Parthasarathy
摘要: 中文摘要PDF ; 英文摘要PDF

Andaman 及Nicobar 島位於世界上重要的生物多樣性熱點上"印緬熱點之上。我們調 查了位於Andaman 及Nicobar 島上之常綠巨木林的樹種多樣性。在中安達曼的Kalapahad (KP) 及Macarthy Valley (MV) 地區,我們分別建立了一公頃的樣區,並調查區內所有胸 高圓周徑(gbh) 大於(含) 30 公分的植株。兩區取樣共得105 種,分屬的屬及49 抖。MV 樣區種樹高出KP 區約10% '然而兩區之間的樹種多樣性相差並不大。兩區共有1311 棵 植株(KP : 579 ha- l ; MV : 732 ha- l ) ;樹木總斷面積值相近(KP : 45.59 m2 ha-I ; MV: 47.93 m2 ha- l ) 。調查所得之植株中有13 種為安達曼之固有種(佔12.38%) ;此外,有10 個樹種 為稀有植物。兩調查區的優勢料各有不同: KP 以龍腦香料為優勢而MV 區則為肉荳楚 料。樣區內大部分物種為印緬大陸中南部之常見物種。樹木徑級結構呈現典型的反J 型, 但MV 地區的小徑級樹木量為KP 地區的兩倍。巨大的龍腦香料樹木對地面總生物量貢 獻頗巨。本研究認為這些多樣性高、固有種繁多的脆弱島嶼森林的保育優先度應被重視。
We investigated tree diversity in ‘giant evergreen forest' of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, which falls within the Indo-Burma hot spot of biodiversity in the world. A one hectare square plot was established in sites Kalapahad (KP) and Macarthy Valley (MV) ofMiddle Andamans, in which all trees 三30 cm girth at breast height (gbh) were enumerated. Tree diversity totaled 105 species that belonged to 63 genera and 49 families. Site MV harboured -10% greater species richness than KP. Species diversity indices did not vary much between the two sites. In the (wo sites, there were 1311 individuals oftrees (579 ha.1 in KP and 732 in MV). The stand basal area was nearly equal in both the sites (KP- 45.59 m2ha' l ; MV- 47.93 m2 ha. I ) . Thirteen tree species (12 .38%) were strict end巴mics to Andamans. Ten species recorded are rare to the flora of these islands. The two sites are distinctly dominated by two different plant famili 郎; Dipterocarpaceae in KP and Myristicac巴ae in MV. Most ofthe species were common to central and lower region of Myanmar and lndian mainland. The forest stand structure exhibited a typical reverse-J shape, but site MV had double the density of stems in the lower tree size class than that ofKP. The voluminous dipterocarps contributed more to the total above-ground live biomass. The need to preserve these species- and endemics- rich, fragile island forests, prioritized for biodiversity conservation, is emphasized.


Taiwania 53卷4期 (2008.12)
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