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題名:The Efficacy of Using Self-Monitoring Diaries in a Weight Loss Program for Chronically Ⅲ Obese Adults in a Rural Area    
著者:Chi-Jane Wang(王琪珍) ;Yi-Ching Yang(楊宜青) ;Wen-Ling Wang(王文玲)
關鍵字:肥胖 ; 減重 ; 自我監測 ; 日誌 ; 偏遠地區 ; obesity ; weight loss ; self-monitoring ; diary ; rural area
刊名:The Journal of Nursing Research
摘要: 中文摘要PDF ; 英文摘要PDF

背景 自我監測應用在減重的成效已廣被接受並成為減重方案中的一部份,然而較少有研究根據自我監測來設計一有用的方法,以應用在能力有限或不易獲得健康照護提供者的民眾上,特別是這些人來自低教育程度偏遠地區。 目的 本研究目的欲檢驗於偏遠地區使用自我監測日誌於慢性病肥胖成人減重方案之成效。 方法 採前後測介入對照設計,檢驗自我監測日誌在減重方案中的效果。研究對象來自台灣西南部醫療資源有限之偏遠地區衛生所慢性病門診,有糖尿病或高血壓,身體質量數在27至32 kg/m2,國中畢以上,共五十位,年齡平均43.7歲,全程參與本研究。以隨機分派至介入組與對照組,兩組須參與12週減重方案,唯介入組被教導如何使用結構式的圖畫自我監測日誌,記錄日常飲食與運動。在方案前後測量體重與體脂肪百分比,以卡方檢定及共變數分析其成效。 結果 介入組的體重減少顯著多於對照組(5.7公斤vs. 2.1公斤; p<.05),介入組減少的體重達到原始體重5%或以上者明顯多於對照組,兩組的體脂肪百分比均顯著減少,但未達組間差異。 結論/實務應用 減重方案若輔以使用自我監測日誌,有助於減少體重。在醫療資源不足之偏遠地區進行減重方案,使用結構化與引導式方法來記錄飲食與運動,可有效促進體重的減少。
Background: Self-monitoring is part of many weight-loss programs and is widely accepted as effective. However, there is a lack of research related to the efficacy of various self-monitoring instruments in meeting the needs of individuals with limited mobility or access to healthcare providers, especially those with limited education living in rural settings. Purpose: This study examined the efficacy of using self-monitoring diaries in a weight loss program targeting chronically ill and obese rural-dwelling adults. Methods: A community-based intervention program using a pretest and posttest design examined the effect of using self-monitoring diaries on weight loss. Fifty participants were enrolled from the chronic disease clinic of a district health center with limited medical resources in a remote village in southwestern Taiwan. All participants were diagnosed with diabetes and/or hypertension, had body mass indices between 27 and 32 kg/m2, and had a minimum educational level of junior high school. Mean participant age was 43.7 years. Participants were randomly assigned to the intervention or control group. All attended a mandatory 12-week weight loss program. The intervention group received instructions on how to record diet and exercise details in a structured, graphics-based diary provided by the researchers. Body weight and percentage of body fat were measured before and after the program, and data were analyzed by chi-square and ANCOVA. Results: The intervention group significantly lost more weight than the control group (5.7 kg vs. 2.1 kg; p<.05). The participants of 88% in the intervention group lost 5% or more of their baseline weight greater than the 23% in the control group. Both groups achieved the mean of body fat reductions by comparing pretest and posttest. Conclusions/Implications for Practice: Self-monitoring diaries can have a significant impact on weight loss in individuals living in rural communities. Healthcare providers and health promotion agencies can use the suggested checklist method to improve weight loss promotion programs in isolated rural communities with limited medical resources.


The Journal of Nursing Research 20卷3期 (2012.9)
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