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題名:Enema Prior to Labor: A Controversial Routine in Taiwan    
著者:Ya-Ling Tzeng(曾雅玲) ;Yi-Ju Shih(施怡如) ;Yu-Kuei Teng(鄧玉貴) ;Ching-Yu Chiu(邱靜瑜) ;Mei-Yao Huang(黃美瑤)
關鍵字:常規灌腸 ; 分娩 ; 人性化生產 ; routine enema ; labor ; humanized birth
刊名:The Journal of Nursing Research
摘要: 中文摘要PDF ; 英文摘要PDF

While taking an enema to induce labor is a controversial issue worldwide, in Taiwan it remains a routine procedure in many hospitals in preparation for birth. Episiotomy is also a prevalent procedure performed during the birthing process. Some physicians believe that enemas help reduce the risk of feces contamination of the episiotomy incision and, therefore, are justified as a routine procedure. This study compared the neonatal infection rates, times to appearance of fetal head, times to first post-labor bowel movement, and rates of episiotomy dehiscence of women receiving a pre-labor enema against those who did not. A total of 534 women classified with low-risk pregnancies were recruited from a medical center in central Taiwan and assigned randomly into one of two groups for a six-month period. The first group (264 subjects) received routine enema procedures prior to delivery in the first 6 months. The second group (270 subjects) did not receive enemas. Study results revealed no significant difference between enema and non-enema groups in terms of infection rates in mothers or infants or in terms of average time to fetal head appearance. While labor duration was the same for the two groups in the first and third stages of labor, the enema group experienced a relatively shorter second stage. No significant difference was observed in times to first post-labor bowel movement or episiotomy dehiscence rates. The results of this study indicate that the administration of enemas as a routine practice prior to labor is not substantiated by medical necessity. However, limitations of the research design suggest that a randomized clinical trial be adopted in the future to explore further the scientific validity of study results.


The Journal of Nursing Research 13卷4期 (2005.12)
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