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Causes of Chungya Tribe Slope Sliding in Luansan Village of Yanping Township at Taitung County
著者:許中立(Chung-Li Hsu) ;梁正儀(Jun-Yi Liang) ;鍾庫比亞(Be-Ya Chungku) ;張清晏(Ching-Yan Chang) ;徐弘明(Hong-Min Shu)
關鍵字:鋒面 ; 異常降雨 ; 地滑 ; 逕流 ; Frontal ; Abnormal rainfall ; Landslide ; Runoff
摘要: 中文摘要PDF ; 英文摘要PDF

Taitung County has yet to encounter a typhoon threat again after Typhoon Morakot. Even Typhoon Nanmadol landing from Dawu, the south of Taitung County, in August this year, the disasters caused by rainfall are also in the expected. But winter frontals bring abnormal rainfall in this year causing several disasters such as landslides, debris flow and flooding. The disaster prevention officers originally thought to pass this year's flood but now exhausted. In this study, we chose the Chungya Tribe in Luansan Village of Yanping Township at Taitung County as a research area to realize and judgment about the causes of slope collapse and scale of this disaster, and put forward the concept of emergency disaster handling and as a follow-up related reference of disaster prevention. The survey found that the region near the coast of Beinan River of eastern Taiwan, which were belong to Liji Formation and overlying the main material for the relatively loose alluvial strata. Surface vegetations conclude bamboo, grass and a small number of mainly hardwoods. Some slope traces of the past can visible in nearby terrain. This landslide is in the end of the major tribe drainage path. In particular, when encounter a major influence and a long period of heavy rainfall, runoff erosion edge convergence and make the slope loss its foot and balance. Thus the sliding disaster formation generated by gravity imbalance. In addition to emergency impermeable plastic canvas outer, the community safety guide runoff discharge is also important. The slope sliding and gullies erosion expansion has occurred, thus it is necessary to conduct a more detailed investigation, monitoring and evaluation, to explore the mechanism of collapse then the appropriate control works can be planning.

臺東縣延平鄉鸞山村中野部落邊坡滑動原因探討/ 許中立梁正儀鍾庫比亞張清晏徐弘明
結合生態工程於南投縣集集鎮清水溝溪排水幹線之環境營造及景觀規劃/ 彭思顯蔡明波范世億
應用二維淺水流方程之有限體積數值模式模擬潰壩水流/ 彭思顯
南瑪都颱風期間來義鄉之防災應變作為檢討/ 陳淑慈許中立郭子銘吳俊昇許正葳翁主怡江泓詮
腦寮溪流域之崩塌潛勢災害分析/ 陳廣祥曾信富

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