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A Study on Medical Related Problems of the Medical Diagnoses and Treatment Practices of Female Patients Based on the Recorded Medical Case Studies of the Ming Dynasty
著者:蔡政純(Chen-Chun, Tsai) ;釋慧開(Venerable Huei Kai)
學科:哲學 ; 宗教
關鍵字:明代醫籍 ; 女性患者 ; 女醫 ; 病人的聲音 ; 診療 ; 醫案 ; medical reference books of the Ming Dynasty ; female patients ; female physician ; voice of patient ; medical treatment ; medical case studies
摘要: 中文摘要PDF ; 英文摘要PDF

The main purpose of this study is to provide the enhanced understanding in learning about the medical practices in social environment during the Ming Dynasty by researching and studying the reported case studies in medical historic books due to the gender difference and its derivative causes. Through the existing medical cases recorded in books of the Ming Dynasty, this paper examines the autobiography written by medical doctors and the conversations between the medical doctors and patients or between the doctor and patients' family members in order to further understand the embarrassment and difficult challenges due to the recorded four-constraint limitations and the relatively restricted exposure of the female patients. The characteristics of the medical treatment practices, in their social environment under once prevailing medical practices of the Ming Dynasty, are researched and studied in the following outlined summary: First of all, limited by the constraints of the social environment, female physicians were only exclusively practicing in the residence accommodating females and birth rooms; female physicians were also facing the negative images imposed by the male-dominant society; and nevertheless it cannot be neglected that their pre-existing conditions and practicing experiences had still provided other in-service physicians with abundant educationable knowledge. Secondly, the medical consultation and communication had to be performed through a female patient's family or close relative. Most patients could not make a request or ask a question directly; they were passively recognized as patients without voices; female patients were feeling embarrassed in requesting a medical service due to their concern over the confidential privacy which could delay their chances to cure their diseases and could eventually cause their unavoidable death. Third, physicians had their bias opinions over females on the basis of their knowledge of the female physiology and psychology. They assumed that females were easily to get agonized, depressed, emotionally weak and unstable. Most descriptions regarding female patients, according to the medical case studies, were neither objective nor friendly. Fourth, according to the recorded case studies and the registered medical treatment history, not all the socialized restrictions between males and females were followed up closely when the females were undertaking the medical treatments. It deserves our attention that a few surgical-related cases, including the treatment of breast cancer, mastitis and vaginal examination, exposed many helpful medical contexts and their meanings. Although female medical diagnoses and treatment practices put the barrier between the working physicians and patients due to the strengthening forms from the socialized gender restrictions between males and females, however, the infrastructure of the medical research development was greatly revived and improved by the striking life-seeking survival from the ordinary individuals and the revolutionized process in breaking up the socially- restricted practicing rules and judgments


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